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Sarah Swain,


In 2016, recovering from a bike accident, all I could do was sit on the sofa. I couldn’t move without extreme pain, so I had no choice but to embrace the stillness… that’s when I realised how powerful the interaction is between our wellbeing and our homes.

When we live cohesively, we feel connected to, and contented with, where we live and home becomes a beautiful expression of who we are. We are free to be authentic, doing the things we truly want to do and fully engaging with the world on our terms.

embracing home life 2 0

However, circumstantial life changes can make us feel ill at ease within our homes. It can be difficult to know where to begin, and difficult to let go or visualise a fresh new environment.


With my Cohesive Living methodology, which combines interior design with life coaching, you can move forward. I’ll draw out a personal design framework to make it easy for you to articulate your own tastes and needs in order to thrive again.


designing spaces for the new you

Sometimes we outgrow our homes, especially in mid-life. Some of my clients are realising life-long dreams by starting a business at home, prioritising their health or following a passion. If you’re feeling stuck in life, I can help you explore and clarify personal goals and visualise how your home would enable and support the new you.

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my credentials

BA Hons Psychology

Post Graduate Certificate of Education

MSc Occupational Health Psychology

Diploma in Interior Design

Certified Life Coach 

Whatever the change is for you, I’ll help
design a home to live your fullest life.

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