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See what clients have achieved with Cohesive Living. 

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Our entertaining home

Dominique & Iain are a fun, vibrant couple who love spending time with their family and entertaining friends.

When they moved into an old property in a beautiful Buckinghamshire village...

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Reclaiming couple space

Sarah and Rich’s family spend a lot of quality time together but now the kids are older, they wanted an upgrade to give them more adult breathing space...


A blank canvas

Following divorce, Emma had been in rented accommodation before making the more permanent step of ...

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Working from home like a true professional

During the pandemic, Claire had been making do with working in the spare room. A plain and uninspiring place, like many spare rooms it was...

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A fresh start for a divorced dad

Mark was in his early fifties and had just moved into a new house after his divorce. He felt it was a bit sparse and lacking in character...

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The garden room

Having built a garden room, Emma and Russ needed my help with ideas how to decorate and furnish it...


Community lounge

I believe strongly that there is a fundamental interaction between our well-being and the places in which we spend our time. We often talk about this in the...

Community lounge.jpg
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A country home in the capital

Fi had a fast-paced job in the city but wanted her new home in West London to be less Sloane Square and have a more nature/country-based feel...

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comments from clients

Work with me wherever you are in the world

With my coaching method, I help clients create fantastic interiors, wherever they are. Drop me a line to find out more. 

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