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A versatile outdoor space

Emma and Russ have a beautiful home in the Buckinghamshire countryside. Having built a garden room, they needed my help with ideas regarding how to decorate and furnish it. As Russ is a talented carpenter, the couple were happy to roll up their sleeves and do the physical work themselves. My brief was to provide the creative concept and guide them how to pull the scheme together. 





The garden room was purpose built with a hands on approach requiring creative direction.   

We discussed all the potential uses for the cabin: Emma wanted to use it when she worked from home but didn’t want it to look like an office as this was not its sole purpose. The room was also to be a place to escape to, to practice yoga, enjoy the garden and generally relax. Lastly, Emma explained that in the future she may also wish to use it as a treatment room to pursue her love of reflexology.

Bridging the gap between indoors and out

From a creative point of view, the design scheme needed to blend into its location in the garden but also have an identity of its own. The theme I developed referenced the ‘garden’ aspect of the location by using furnishings with a natural feel. I sourced comfortable seating for relaxation plus a desk and chair for the ‘office’ element. These were all in natural materials in muted earthy tones.


Leaf print wallpaper, raffia baskets and a textured natural toned rug created a natural feel. 

On two walls we used a green leaf print wallpaper in a vertical pattern, also giving the illusion of height to the cabin. The ‘garden’ theme was further referenced with large potted plants giving a sense of bringing the outside in. Raffia baskets and a natural toned rug added a further softness, whilst the wooden floor provided the perfect floor surface for yoga or a treatment studio.

It was a challenging brief as the space needed to serve several functions. Having used it as my office for my corporate job, I’m now using it as my reflexology treatment room and have such positive feedback. I think we can say that the project was a great success! 

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Here's what one of Emma's reflexology clients had to say about the new treatment room:

What an incredible oasis of calm and restoration! The venue is perfect with no attention to detail spared 

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Working from home

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